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Session Two Breakouts

1:10 - 2:10pm

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1:10 - 2:10pm
Session Two
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Session Two Breakouts
1:10 - 2:10pm

Delaware & Franklin Ballrooms

Inclusive Tech:
How to Unlock Innovation to Drive Better IT Outcomes

Successful technology initiatives hinge on solving the right problems for the right people and achieving the desired outcomes. As IT leaders, we often rely on methodologies like Agile and tools like User Personas to guide us, but they can fall short in overcoming "business as usual" thinking. This mindset doesn't help us solve today's complex problems, and it often results in IT products that aren't easy for users, cost too much, or don't bring the expected business benefits.

In this session, our panelists will showcase successful IT products that benefited from "cognitive diversity"—an approach that brings together different perspectives and ways of thinking. They'll discuss how organizations can foster this type of innovation across a range of IT initiatives, from building custom mobile apps and AI models to deploying enterprise SaaS systems. Finally, they will discuss the kinds of individuals and mindsets that should be around the table and techniques that empower them to question assumptions, take risks, and create especially great solutions.

By the end of the session, you'll walk away with three actionable steps to immediately unlock innovation within your organization.

Ben Hancock
Director of Application Development,
The Ohio State University
Meet Ben
Devray Kirkland
Chief Diversity Officer - VP, Diversity, Equity + Inclusion,
Cardinal Health
Meet Devray
Carrie Maun-Smith
AVP - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion + Community Relations,
Grange Insurance
Meet Carrie
Oscar Paredes
Managing Director - Head of Technology Deposits Platform,
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Meet Oscar
Diane Dagefoerde
Principal Consultant,
Orounda Advisory
Meet Diane
Juan Torres
Franklin County Board of Commissioners
Meet Juan
Cyber Culture Fusion:
Business Partnerships in the Digital Realm

While cyber security is often a technical discussion, a human element is also pervasive and needs to be addressed holistically. Our goal is to go beyond the preaching of how to keep organizations safe and move into real world examples where the CISO/CIO/Business come together to solve and manage security with people in mind.

Jyoti Menon
VP, Digital Lending + Mobile,
Bread Financial
Meet Jyoti
Sophia Mohr
Chief Innovation + Technology Officer,
Central Ohio Transit Authority - COTA
Meet Sophia
Helen Patton
Cybersecurity Advisor,
Meet Helen
John Hrusovsky
JJH Consulting
Meet John
Fast-Tracking Your Team's Path to Senior Leadership Excellence

How do we identify and develop high-potential technologists on our teams to support them becoming tomorrow’s senior leaders?

Whether for succession-planning, employee-retention, or just building our community, it’s critical that we provide pathways for growth to our rising leaders. What are key indicators of senior-leader potential, and what development tools are available?

These rising leaders will need to augment their technical strengths with fiscal literacy, EQ, and the confidence to be vulnerable. As we explore what’s worked – and what hasn’t – you’ll hear potential steps you can take to better develop your teams’ rising leaders.

Brittaney Carter
Chief Information Officer,
Ohio Dept of Children and Youth
Meet Brittaney
Michael Farrar
Chief Information Officer,
City of Westerville, Ohio
Meet Michael
Yetunde Okonrende
Associate Vice President, Nationwide Financial Technology,
Nationwide Insurance
Meet Yetunde
Jeremy Waweru
Associate Vice President, Information Technology,
ViaQuest Inc
Meet Jeremy
Tonjia Coverdale
SVP, Chief Strategy Officer for Operations + Technology,
Associated Bank
Meet Tonjia
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