CIO Tomorrow 2024 | Wednesday, August 28, 2024 | Columbus, OH


Get ahead of the curve with cutting-edge insights and future solutions with our trailblazers of tech-leadership.

8:45 - 9:30am | Dr. Mark Boxer 2:25 - 3:10pm | Expert Keynote Panel 3:10 - 3:55pm | Channie Mize
Morning Keynote
8:45-9:30am | Regency Ballroom

Dr. Mark Boxer

Internationally Recognized Business Leader, Innovator + Technologist
Meet Mark
Navigating the Tech-Nexus

CIOs and their teams play a pivotal role as the driving force behind business transformation in today's digital age. This puts an increased focus on CIOs to step forward as visionaries, strategists, and responsible technology stewards, maintaining the multi-dimensional responsibilities needed to successfully move their business ecosystems forward.

Those at the forefront fully grasp the evolving nature of technology leadership, leveraging global synergies and implementing resilient resource frameworks, championing the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion as crucial catalysts for success.

They recognize tech’s role in building a greener tomorrow while keeping a vigilant eye on emerging frontiers and innovations, allowing them to effectively harness disruptive technologies like Generative AI, Quantum, IoT, Cloud, and Blockchain. All the while keeping multiple steps ahead of today's ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

As Morning Keynote Dr. Mark Boxer, internationally recognized business leader, innovator and technologist, takes the stage, prepare to be inspired and empowered to embrace our roles as visionary leaders, strategic thinkers, and guardians of technology's transformative potential, charting a course towards a future defined by innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Afternoon Keynote Panel
2:25-3:10pm | Regency Ballroom

Expert Keynote Panel

Rise of the Silicon Heartland

Central Ohio stands at the epicenter of a technological renaissance, poised to reshape our economy, environment, digital infrastructures, workforce and communities.

In the past year alone, a remarkable 75+ trailblazing projects have emerged, signaling the region's potential for transformation within the sectors of semiconductors, electric vehicles, and life sciences. Prominent among these are Intel’s $20B chip facility, expansive data center investments by Google and Amazon, the collaborative Honda/LGES EV battery venture, and AMGEN’s state-of-the-art biomanufacturing hub.

These initiatives represent the opening chapter in a unique high-tech narrative set to reverberate throughout the Silicon Heartland.

Kick off the afternoon with our diverse panel of experts, exploring the spirit of innovation, collaboration and possibility as Central Ohio rewrites its playbook for technological advancement.

Dr. Rebecca Butler
Executive Vice President,
Columbus State Community College
Meet Rebecca
Mike Kaufmann
Former CEO,
Cardinal Health
Meet Mike
Steve Stivers
President + CEO,
Ohio Chamber of Commerce
Meet Steve
Tom Walker
President + CEO,
Rev1 Ventures
Meet Tom
Doreen Delaney-Crawley
EVP + Chief Operations Officer,
Grange Insurance
Meet Doreen
Late Afternoon Keynote
3:10-3:55pm | Regency Ballroom

Channie Mize

General Manager,
Slalom, Inc

Meet Channie
Driving Mindful Authenticity in a Gen-AI World

In the world of Generative AI, success is not solely defined by the sophistication of the technology, but by its judicious implementation.

Its enduring value lies not only in its exceptional technical prowess, but in its responsible and mindful application in the areas of governance, literacy, and thoughtful adoption.

Tasked with understanding and mastering these cornerstones, organizations can ensure they harness the full potential of Generative AI, utilizing it responsibly and maximizing its positive impact now and into the future.

Featured Keynote Channie Mize, General Manager of Slalom Inc, concludes the day with an insightful exploration of the transformative potential of Generative AI when coupled with responsible leadership, ethical frameworks, and a deep commitment to human-centered innovation.


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