CIO Tomorrow 2024 | Wednesday, August 28, 2024 | Columbus, OH

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10:35 - 11:35am

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10:35 - 11:35am
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Session One Breakouts
10:35 - 11:35am

Delaware & Franklin Ballrooms

Transformational Leadership In the Digital Age

Every organization wants to digitally transform. But identifying the right path to digital transformation can be difficult. The term has been around and used quite a bit since the late 90s… So, what is digital transformation today? What are some key topics for technology leadership to consider? How is digital transformation delivering new value to customers in today’s world?

As organizations look to integrate digital technology into every aspect of the business, a digital transformation strategy covering digitization, modernization, and discussions around Transformational Leadership is key.

Tracie Cleveland
Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation Executive
Meet Tracie
Michelle Greene
EVP + Chief Technology Officer,
Cardinal Health
Meet Michelle
Jay Parsons
Managing Director,
JPMorgan Chase
Meet Jay
Greg Skinner
Vice President, IT Utilities Systems,
Meet Greg
Allison Sutley
Chief Technology Officer,
Meet Allison
Channie Mize
General Manager,
Slalom, Inc.
Meet Channie
Global Synergies + Resilient Resourcing

In today's dynamic global landscape, building resilient and synergistic teams that can optimize resources and talent across borders is crucial. This panel discussion delves into the evolving future of work, exploring strategies for fostering agile and resilient global teams, maximizing distributed talent pools, and overcoming challenges in remote and hybrid team management. Led by John Deane, this session brings together industry experts to share their insights and experiences on navigating the complexities of global resourcing and teamwork.

Key topics will include:
• Building agile and resilient global teams capable of thriving in unpredictable environments
• Strategies for optimizing global resources and talent pools to drive operational efficiency and innovation
• Overcoming common hurdles in distributed team management, such as communication barriers, time zone challenges, and cultural differences
• How do you measure success, what KPIs indicate progress, effectiveness, innovation, strength, efficiency, resiliency, etc.
• Embracing the dynamic future of work: best practices for remote, hybrid, and in-office collaboration

Through interactive discussion and real-world case studies, attendees will gain valuable perspectives on cultivating a globally connected, adaptable, and high-performing workforce. Join us for an insightful exploration of the evolving global workplace and discover actionable strategies to enhance your organization's agility, resilience, and resource optimization.

David Kise
Innovation Hub Managing Director,
Meet David
Stefano Peroni
Global Operations CIO,
Wells Fargo
Meet Stefano
Kishore Ravilla
Chief Technology Officer,
Meet Kishore
Ryan Tuma
Senior Vice President, Commercial Digital Segment CIO,
Huntington National Bank
Meet Ryan
John Deane
Managing Director,
Clipper Advisory Group, LLC
Meet John
Sustainable Tech's Role in Building a Greener Tomorrow

Sustainable IT practices integrate economic progress, social equity, and environmental stewardship to build a better tomorrow. The technology community can and should work proactively to ensure a balanced and prosperous future for all.

In this session we’ll discuss how technology leaders can champion and drive sustainability initiatives and share the results of the landmark Columbus Green IT study/playbook. Additionally, we’ll hear from leading companies who will be sharing how they’ve implemented sustainable practices within their organizations.

Jennifer Huffstetler
Chief Product Sustainability Officer,
Intel Corporation
Meet Jennifer
Ken Noel
VP, Sr. Director, Information Technology,
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Meet Ken
Dan Rapp
Global ESG + Environmental Affairs Lead,
Meet Dan
Mike Uttam
IT Department Manager,
American Honda Motor Co.
Meet Mike
Marcus Carano
Project Manager,
Smart Columbus
Meet Marcus
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