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Columbus Business First

Central Ohio's Business Authority

Columbus Business First is a forward-thinking digital media company serving Central Ohio’s business community. For three decades, we’ve set the bar on business news coverage and signature live events. We understand the news waits for no one, so we ship it directly to your e-mail box within minutes of us learning about it. We are a 24/7 news organization that reports the news when it happens.

Through news alerts and our morning and afternoon editions, we plug readers into the most important happenings, compiling key headlines to help businesspeople prepare to tackle the new day.

We are building a business conversation with and for the community. Whether it’s by connecting with our award-winning news staff online, face to face and through social media, or by making valuable associations through the publication’s events, our advances are crafted to make Columbus Business First a must-have proposition.

Our weekly print edition provides still more news, analysis, data, perspective, personality profiles and countless other nuggets of business intelligence for top decision-makers.

Top decision-makers know that reliable local business knowledge is vital to keeping their companies on the fast track and ahead of the competition. Appearing in these pages tells business leaders you know their world. If you’re inside here, you’re connected.

Columbus Business First is Central Ohio’s Business Authority. For the past 40 years we’ve provided executive decision-makers the breaking business news, information, tips and resources they need to grow their business, advance their career and simplify their professional life.

Columbus Business First
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